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I believe our whole life is a journey of remembering, awakening, and stepping into that which we already are, whole. 

I spent my first 20+ years on Earth seeking externally for answers, love, connection, and God. I tried every diet known to man, went to dozens of different churches, attended Bible study, talk therapy, gym classes, and eventually found my way onto a yoga mat. It was on this mat that I remembered it was safe to trust my body. It was safe to be still. It was safe to listen to that voice inside of me, that very voice I had put down, ignored, and disassociated from for years was actually the voice of truth. It was thru this stillness that I remembered God was within, and because God was within, it became my commitment to peel back every layer of conditioning that separated me from this connection. 

In my commitment to peel back the layers, I traveled across the Eastern and Western world looking for gurus, techniques, teachings that could assist me in peeling back the layers of separation. What I ended up finding is that the answers were already there, I just needed to create a space to listen, soften, and integrate. It is my hearts deepest passion to create space that allows others to drop into the body, to feel the power of their own energy, and to integrate the wisdom that comes in the moments of stillness. 


200 HR RYT- 2012 Gaia Flow Yoga Dallas, Texas

300 HR RYT- 2015 Samporna Yoga, Goa, India

25 Hr 2016- Seane Corne- Off tthe Mat Into the World 

25 HR 2019 Seane Corne- Teaching the Yoga of Transformation

Levels 1-3 Breath Work training David Elliott 

Deep work with the plant medicines of Ayahurasca and San Pedro (Wachuma) over the course of the past 5 years. 

Personal 1:1 work with Keith the Cacao Shaman in Guatemala, deep work and integration with the plant spirit of Cacao. 

Prior Experience: 

SUP Yoga VI- owned and operated stand up paddle board yoga company in USVI

The Movement VI- owned and operated yoga and meditation studio in St. Thomas, UVI

Wanderlust Aspen 2016- Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Currently traveling, sharing, learning and connecting across North, Central and South America. 

Tel: 214-850-9047, katie@upsidedowngypsy.com

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